Build and have fun to grow happy and train their aptitudes Cardboard toys are designed and made to play and learn with the mind, hands and heart.

Discover the joy of the game without ends.The simple shapes and the perfect joints, designed for their little hands stimulates concentration and guides the child into an incredible gaming experience.

Activate the desire to play.They will make toys that will accompany them in their funny adventures as it grows with positive emotions and develops their abilities.

The good educational game that engages and appeals kids. Stimulate the desire to explore new worlds where imagination, creativity and learning are the magical ingredients of fun.

TODO cardboard toys are perfect to accompany in every step the growth of children:

  • train the fine motor skills;
  • develop hand-eye coordination;
  • teach patience and perseverance;
  • stimulate the attention;
  • improve self-esteem and self-confidence;
  • develop socialization, communication and sharing.